Daily Schedule & Calendar

Bluebird School Daily Schedule

  • 7:30am Breakfast & Quiet Activities (breakfast not served after 8:15am)

  • 8:30am Morning Circle


Story Time

  • 9:00am Centers (and small group activities)

  • 10:15am Social Emotional Lesson

  • 10:30am Morning Snack

  • 10:45am Outdoor Play

  • 12:15pm Lunch Time

  • 12:45pm Story Time

  • 1:00pm Resting Time

  • 2:15pm Afternoon Snack & Centers

  • 2:50pm Closing Circle

  • 3:00pm Outdoor Play

  • 4:00pm Pick up Time

  • Once a month visits from enrichment providers. Currently we have teachers visiting once a month to lead the children in: Yoga class, Music class, and a Farm Animal encounter.

  • Note this schedule is is for Monday to Thursday only.

  • Fridays we close at noon, children are served lunch a bit earlier and picked up by noon.

Hours of Operation for 2022-23

Monday to Thursday: 7:30am-4:00pm

Friday: 7:30am-12:00pm

**Program starts Monday August 15th**

** Program ends Friday May 26th**

We follow the PSD school calendar and are closed the following dates:

  • September 5 - Labor Day

  • November 21-25 - Thanksgiving Break

  • December 22-Jan 3 - Winter Break

  • January 16- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • February 20- Presidents' Day

  • March 13-17 - Spring Break

Our Daily Rhythm

Part of a Waldorf classroom is having a daily rhythm...not just our usual daily schedule but a single activity that the children know will happen on a very specific day. When this happens the children learn to keep time, the days of the week do not just all blend together they really understand the sequence of them. The children may come to call a day by this activity such as "Baking Day" instead of saying Monday!

Here is our daily rhythm:

  • Monday: Baking Day (mix, measure, and taste to create a morning snack)

  • Tuesday: Yoga Day (stretch, imagine, relax, set goals and intentions)

  • Wednesday: Nature Walk Day (observe, explore, collect, and use our 5 senses to enjoy the surrounding natural spaces)

  • Thursday: Cooking Day (chop, peel, spread, and stir to make a morning snack)

  • Friday: Show & Tell (ask and answer questions and language practice skills)