Bluebird School

Waldorf Inspired · Nature Based · In Home Preschool

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado                      

Bluebird School is an in home Waldorf inspired and nature based preschool program accepting children ages 3 to 5 years old.  At Bluebird School we nurture young children's creativity, curiosity, and compassion for themselves, others, and our Earth. The children will spend time watching our garden grow and change with the seasons, digging in the dirt, building snow forts, catching bugs, singing, dancing, and reading stories! When children are doing what they love with a nurturing teacher to guide them the child will ask questions, engage, and increase their learning. At Bluebird School we are a school family that grow, learn, and play together in a nurturing and warm environment.

Throughout the school day your child will work on their social, motor, language, and cognitive skills in our indoor and outdoor settings. Your child will have the opportunity to select their own interest centers inside the classroom ranging from blocks, library, dramatic play, natural collections, and more. They will spend lots of time outdoors exploring our outdoor centers and enjoying the large green space that is near our play yard with many boulders and trees to climb and play on.  There will be teacher directed times through the day where they will be led  through stories, songs, art activities, science investigations, mindfulness activities, and more.  Your child will have a predictable schedule that will have them looking forward to their favorite weekly activities of nature walks, baking, gardening, yoga, etc.  I am so excited to work together with you to help your child grow and bloom.